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100 Year Old Recipes at Olde Carolina Eatery

Olde Carolina Eatery might just be the only place you can find 140 year old recipes being used daily in North Carolina. When you step in the doors you are greeted with owner Frances Burns’ charismatic smile and the smell of baked goods surrounding the restaurant. Sit down and have a glass of their infamous blueberry sweet tea or try one of Frances’ creative baked creations like peanut butter and jelly cake, and talk with the dozens of regulars that are there daily. Frances is known among her customers as “Mama”, in fact, Frances wouldn’t quite refer to them as “customers”, she considers them family. “You don’t have to be related by blood, we’re all family. Aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, you name it.” 

Olde Carolina Eatery isn’t just limited to its regulars, Frances has had visitors from Raleigh, Virginia, and even as far as California come by to try her food and hundred year old recipes. Olde Carolina Eatery designed their restaurant around being in the comfort of home and offering that slice of comfort for anyone, no matter where they’re from. 

 Frances and the Olde Carolina Eatery offer custom baked goods for anyone who asks 24 hours in advance. “Mamas never say no, especially when it comes to food”. Frances and her team can create hundreds of baked goods. If you can imagine it, Frances can most likely do it. With all her talent and loyalty, Frances says the main ingredient she feels that keeps people coming back is “love.”    

To learn more about “Mama” Frances Burns, take a look back on our Burgaw Now article on how Frances came to own The Olde Carolina Eatery. 


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