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Burgaw Antiqueplace: Something For Everyone

Johny Westbrook has a style all his own — with his goatee, flat cap, and suspenders, he looks like a man who has a lot of stories up his sleeve — and boy does he deliver. As soon as you enter The Burgaw Antiqueplace, the store Johnny owns and operates, you will be lost in a sea of every interesting antique and artifact you could possibly imagine (and some you probably couldn’t!). Stay awhile, and you will be regaled with tall tales of Johnny’s travels, successes, and tribulations.

Born in 1943 right here in Pender County, Johnny Westbrook grew up like many of the local residents: with a life built on hard-work and centered on the importance of family. As a profound example of this, the building that houses Burgaw Antiqueplace was constructed by Johnny’s father in 1948, using timber from his grandfathers timber farm. Once built, his father opened ‘Westbrook’s 5-10 Cent Store’, and used the leftover materials to construct the family home.

The days of purchasing something in Mr. Westbrook’s store for 5-10 cents might be long since gone, but you can still marvel at (and purchase) the extensive collection of antiques, furniture, and oddities brought about by a full and fascinating life.  As if that weren’t enough, the store also offers its own home-made fudge (it’s delicious!), and the second floor has been transformed into a trove of studios for different local artists and merchants. Always a patron of the arts, Mr. Westbrook offers a much needed space for both the treasure hunter and the treasure creator — a place to buy, sell, and display goods you just can’t find anywhere else.

There is truly something for everyone at Burgaw Antiqueplace — from fudge to furniture to fantastic stories. So come and explore all the nooks and crannies, or listen to one of Johnny’s stories, you never know what you might find.


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