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Burgaw is Shakin’ It Up

Welcome to Small Town Nutrition, Burgaw’s ultimate shake spot. Don’t let the deliciousness of these shakes fool you, packed with multiple health benefits, Small Town Nutrition is making a healthy lifestyle, fun. Try delicious flavors such as cookies & cream, birthday cake, banana pudding and even pineapple upside down cake to get your sweet tooth fix, without the guilt. Small Town Nutrition isn’t limited to its shakes however, they offer mega energy teas, refreshers with zero caffeine, tea bombs for a shot of energy and even kids shakes for the family! 

How are the shakes healthy? 

The shakes and teas at Small Town Nutrition are not your traditional “milkshakes” you can find at restaurants like Steak N’ Shake or Cookout, these shakes are carefully curated with ultimate healthy ingredients with a delicious taste. Think of a protein smoothie, but really delicious. Now, we can’t quite give away those secret ingredients, but the reward of these drinks speaks for themselves. These shakes act as meal replacements, containing protein and the same benefits you would get as eating a meal, allowing you to go on with your day and health journey in a beneficial way. All the shakes and teas aren’t limited to just the flavor you pick, they offer choices to add other proteins, vitamins, etc. to every drink, giving you the ultimate healthy experience.  

Small Town Nutrition strives for health and wellness in the Burgaw community through delicious shakes, teas and drinks. Stop by and try it to see for yourself! Follow along with them on Facebook to keep up with their deals and specialty drinks.


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