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Burgaw Takes on Salt

Burgaw is welcoming new business Wild Phoenix Salt Cave and Wellness to its downtown square. The family owned business is run by Andrea and Morgan Roman. Built by Morgan himself, the studio encaptures a peaceful and relaxing environment, perfect for anyone seeking a little relaxation. With a yoga studio, massage/acupuncture rooms and salt cave, you can find peak wellness and health at Wild Phoenix.

As a licensed massage therapist for 11 years and working in salt caves for 6, Andrea knows salt! After moving to Wilmington and finding success in opening Native Salt Cave with her aunt, Andrea has seen the success and love people have for salt caves. The love of salt can be said for Morgan as well, a fisherman from Montauk, NY, essentially living on the salt water, the salt cave business was only right for him. The two of them together decided to bring the Salt Cave and Wellness lifestyle to Burgaw. Morgan built the salt cave from scratch and imported all the salt from Pakistan himself, he takes pride in seeing his own children take advantage of the peaceful room. 

Since working on building the Salt Cave, the family moved to Willard, NC, just North of Burgaw and have enjoyed living and raising their two kids in the area. Fun fact- Wild Phoenix is actually named after the couple’s children (they are named Maximus Wilder and Abel Phoenix). The duo strive to bring wellness to the Burgaw community. Whether that be through booking some time in the salt cave, getting a massage or even taking a yoga class, Andrea says Wild Phoenix has all the resources to “make you feel really good.” 

About Salt Caves

Salt Caves provide a number of benefits for all ages ranging from infants to elderly. Originating in Europe, these natural caves were used for a number of benefits dating as far back as 12th century Poland. The benefits of salt caves include treatment for lung problems such as asthma, bronchitis and coughs. It also benefits allergies and certain skin conditions as well as overall physical and mental health! 


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