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Carolina Sisters: Monograms and More!

Carolina Sisters is the brain&heart-child of Angie & Kelly Longley — lifetime friends who became actual sisters. Located at 115 S Wright St. in Burgaw, Carolina Sisters is your one stop shop for everything fashionable. Their shop– full of trendy clothes, jewelry, and accessories– is perfectly accented by both sisters’ welcoming and warm personalities. Tastefully styled shelves and decor boast a variety of brands, including Simply Southern, Lily & Laura, Pura Vida, Puppie Love, and Live Oak. And as if that isn’t already enough, the Longley sisters will happily print or embroider you a custom piece. In fact, it’s kinda their claim to fame.

Carolina Sisters started as an embroidery shop. It expanded from there, and quickly became a staple in Burgaw’s downtown shopping district. The “sister girls”, as they are affectionately called, now have the capacity to screen print as well as embroider, and can digitize any logo. This has made their store a hot spot for everything from personalized gifts, custom t-shirts, and date night stylings. The town of Burgaw has clearly embraced this dynamic duo, and it’s no secret that Kelly & Angie love Burgaw back.

While the Longley sisters might have grown up in New Hanover County, they both found their sense of ‘home’ when they moved to Pender (Angie to Burgaw, and Kelly to Rocky Point). They immediately felt like “[they were] a part of something”, and knew this “true community” is where they would raise their families. They’ve been heavily involved in the town since settling in, including sponsoring the softball team as a business, fundraising for the local school, and collecting donations for families in need. This type of involvement isn’t unusual for Burgaw, North Carolina. In fact, it’s pretty much characteristic of it.

As the sister’s say: “whatever you need, Burgaw has it covered.”

In the fast paced world we live in, towns like Burgaw are increasingly more rare and increasingly more precious. And it is business owners like Angie & Kelly that keep it that way. As we’ve all gotten used to shopping in big-box, chain-style stores, Carolina Sisters is here to offer us something different. With a warm greeting at the door and a genuine interest in each and every customer, the sister’s are putting the fabric of relationships above all else. And you just can’t put a price on that.

So, come to Carolina Sisters for the custom embroidery and personalized monograms, but stay for a big ol’ dose of southern hospitality and small-town charm. See you there!


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