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Johnny Westbrooks 5 Favorite Things at Burgaw Antiqueplace

If you’re local to Burgaw, you certainly know John Westbrook and the one-and-only Burgaw Antiqueplace. If you aren’t familiar with the unique storefront, check out our previous article all about Johnny and his store. We visited the antique store and asked Mr. Westbrook to show us five of his favorite things he’s collected over his 50-plus years at his store.

  1. 17th Century Tibetan Wardrobe

Johnny came across this piece when someone reached out to him when they were moving. The wardrobe was too heavy for them to take and Mr. Westbrook happily obliged to take it off their hands. It can now be found right in the center of his store on display for someone to take home. 

2. Great Depression Era Wagon Wheels

These vintage wheels truly capture the history of the Great Depression. When Americans were struggling and gas was basically non-existent, people would use the wheels and horses to pull their car that had no gas in it. Talk about history! 

3. 1950’s Cigarette Machine

You can find the original cigarettes in this Burgaw Antiqueplace item. The machine still has all original pricing and packaging. Don’t forget to pay the 35 cents for your pack!

4. 1820s Luxury Couch

There’s nothing more iconic than a Duncan Phyfe style couch, let alone an original from the 1820s. These couches have become even more popular overtime, and finding one in near perfect condition is pretty rare. Johnny Westbrook proudly displays his right up top on the second floor of his store. 

5. 1720s Egyptian Villa Door

Much like how Johnny acquired the Tibetan Wardrobe, the villa door was taken off the hands of a homeowner who could not move it with them. If you wanted to purchase this door, unfortunately it was promised to a local homeowner that bought it from the Antiqueplace and Johnny has happily held it for them as long as they need.

To say there’s a lack of unique items in Burgaw Antiqueplace would be a lie. John Westbrook has worked throughout his 50 plus years at Burgaw Antiqueplace to curate and create a space for history, artistic freedom and enjoyment. You’ll never find any shortage of fascination when taking a trip to Burgaw Antiqueplace!   


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