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Meet Your County Clerk- Elizabeth Craver

Burgaw serves as The County Seat for Pender County, with the courthouse centered right around some of the communities government buildings, and favorite shops. Inside that big and beautiful courthouse, you can find a number of people who are key community members. One such person is Pender County Clerk- Elizabeth Craver. We took some time to get to know Elizabeth and her role in the Pender County community. 

Who is Elizabeth?

Native to the Pender/New Hanover County area, Elizabeth grew up with the court system in her blood. She is the daughter of a former County Clerk and Judge (her Mother served as the Clerk of Court in New Hanover County until her retirement and her Father was a judge in the Pender/New Hanover County judicial court). She has worked in the Pender County Courthouse for more than 16 years and has served as Clerk of Court for over 5. Throughout her years, she has worked in every division of the court whether it be criminal, estates, civil and more. 

What is a County Clerk? 

Elizabeth says the job of a County Clerk is “to be the administrator for the Pender County Court System”. She keeps up with all the records and financials that come through the courthouse on the daily. She also serves as a Probate Judge, giving her exclusive jurisdiction over certain cases. 

Elizabeth loves her job and her team, describing herself as a “people person” who loves to make sure all of the residents of Pender County are treated fairly. Growing up in the court system and with her parents as her role models, she understands the importance of her job and has a true love and passion for it. She loves her community and the homestyle feel Burgaw brings to everyone in and around it. “We are growing and keeping up with the modern times,” Elizabeth says when asked about Burgaw’s future. She looks forward to carrying out her career at the Pender County Courthouse, caring for her community and its residents.


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