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Mojotone- Burgaw’s Famous Business

Most people probably wouldn’t guess that Burgaw is home to many famous musicians amps and guitars, but Mojotone begs to differ. The manufacturer serves as a vintage electronics supplier, custom and vintage reproduction speaker cabinet builder, and world-class manufacturer for electric guitar and tube enthusiasts, technicians and builders. These enthusiasts and technicians include guitar techs for some of the world’s most famous performers such as The Who, Greenday, John Mayer, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and more. The company has even built multiple custom orders for Kid Rock, Lady A and Rush. Mojotone specializes in building stock cabinets for amps, creating the parts that go in the amps (circuit boards, face plates, etc.) and creating parts for inside guitars- essentially anything that goes in or on an electric guitar or amp, Mojotone creates it- except for the actual guitar body itself. 

The company sells to individual musicians, repair shops, music stores, guitar companies, amp manufacturers and more. Basically, it’s a pretty good chance that when you’re listening to an electric guitar through an amplifier, Mojotone has something to do with it. Everything in the manufacturer is handcrafted with care. The assembly line system for all products is carefully maintained and each item is carefully curated.  

Mojotone carries an item that anyone who plays guitar wants to have their hands on, tubes. The tube is a part that goes inside a guitar to control its voltage and give the guitar its vintage sound. Many guitars use a chip to do this process but the tubes sound the best and are most sought out from musicians. They are so sought out in fact, that the 2 operating tube manufacturers are based in the Czech Republic and Russia, Mojotone is one of the few places that keeps these tubes on hand. 
An international business with world famous clients, right here in Burgaw’s backyard surely is something special. Mojotone accepts custom orders over the phone (910-259-7291) and online, usually with a 24 hour turnaround time on your item. Talk about rock and roll! 


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