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Potts Wood Shop: Restoring and Creating Through Woodwork

Take one step into Potts Wood Shop and you are welcomed by Jamie Potter’s uncanny British accent and sawdust in the air, creating that special ambiance for hard work and creativity. Since 2017, Potts Wood Shop has been the go-to staple in the community for all things restoration and creation. Jamie has found his niche in restoring some of the community’s beloved pieces like vintage frames, desks and beds. He also creates custom pieces such as chess boards and furniture. 

Jamie found his passion for wood work while fixing up his own house in Burgaw after moving from England with his wife. He discovered he could use his carpentry skills from his previous jobs and apply them to not only his home, but create an entire business. Jamie has actually owned his building since 2013. Back then he sold thrifted clothes and goods and had his wood shop in the back. But over time, he found his friends and peers were asking him to use his skills for custom pieces, restoration projects and more. Since the transition into a full wood working shop, Potts Wood Shop has produced a number of custom chess boards, TV stands, bed frames, bird houses and much more. 

“People think woodworking has a romance to it, but it’s hard work,” Jamie said. The most rewarding part of all his work, he said, is seeing his customers’ excitement. Whether it be a vintage item they thought lost its beauty and charm, or a brand new custom item, Jamie brings the community joy through his work and skills. Potts Wood Shop is located at 203 S. Dickerson Street in Burgaw, North Carolina. Visit for a peek at Jamie’s fascinating workshop, request a custom order or buy his work right there in the store like a cutting board or barn star quilts. Custom orders are also accepted through their Facebook page. Happy woodworking!


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